KK Rabbitry is named after our amazing girls, Kellie and Krystal.  

We got into the rabbit business quite by accident!  A 4-H friend of ours gave the girls two Californian does and a buck, Nosey, Ruby and Bucky in January of 2010. 

We bred the two does once each, and then we had quite a few bunnies!   

Kellie is a member of the Southwest Roughriders 4-H in Bexar County and is a member if the Southwest Junior FFA, and wanted to branch out into rabbits (she already raises pigs).   

Our younger daughter, Krystal, is only 4 but she's been attending 4-H meetings since she was born and can't wait to be a true 4-H'er!

We are a small rabbitry, but it seems we are growing a bit more every day!  We started with four cages that their father had when he was in 4-H, but have grown to 60 holes (pens).

For our younger daughter, we wanted smaller rabbits, so we decided to work with Mini Rexes as well. We started with two from Mr. Etter, and they expanded fast.  We currently have blues, blacks, brokens (spotted), otter, and red eyed white.

We are located in LaCoste, Texas, about 15 minutes west of San Antonio.  We  are pround members of ARBA, TRBA, CRSC, NMRC, and SARBA.  This is a picture of Kellie at her First Show ever, where she won Best-In-Show with a Californian Doe that she raised out of her first trio.  We still have this doe making more winning babies.   

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