Herd Bucks including (Left) 1st Place Youth Sr. Buck from our stock and (Right) 2nd Place Open 6/8 Buck from a fine line out of Illinois at the Califorian Nationals.  Our Buck picked up 8 Legs in the Spring 2012 show season.      

Broken Otter Mini-Rex Buck from Mrs. Howell of BSH'S Bunnies.  He Picked up 6 Legs this Spring as a Junior Buck enough he started late.  He will be making a lot of kits this summer.  

We purchased two herd does from one of the top breeders in the nation from Oklahoma.  First litters are expected in June. 

Californian Senoir Doe 49F from Mr. Platt at 3P Rabbitry.
5 Legs include a Best In Show in 2012 Victoria Show and a 5th Place at 2012 Californian Nationals.  Thank you Jason!

Blue Mini-Rex Buck from Top Hat Rabbits.  He has picked up BOV or BOSV at almost every show he has been to this spring.  We have a number of babies available from him.  We have Many addtional Does from Mrs Stovall.


Californian Senoir Doe 53F from our stock.  She has
3 Legs, and was 3rd Place 6/8 Doe at 2012 Californian Nationals.


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